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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Questions To Ask Before You Decide ( to change your job )

Ask yourself all these before you are ready to pack up and go....

  • Are you unhappy with your current job, or are you seriously concerned for your (company's) future?? This is keeping in mind that you have successfully aligned your future with that of the present company.
  • Have you hit the 'plateau' in the company and the next 'hill' is faraway? (You have evovled so fast that you need new gene pool for getting mutated or you will be a fossil gene soon)
  • Are you looking forward to Monday? Or it makes you sick to be underutilized or go un-noticed??
  • Is your current resume attracting more attention from recruiters for more meaningful role and position? ?
  • Is the work culture at your company making you feel 'happy' or 'crappy'? ?
  • Are you getting what you deserve or you are overpaid?? (In either case, change may be necessary for justifying your poor soul)
  • Are you ready to give the old job a chance ?

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